Sarasota Memorial Perioperative Transport Services Last Newsletter.

Volunteers serving the patients, families and visitors in a caring and courteous manner,
while providing competent and well-trained support to the hospital staff. was the exclusive web page of the volunteers of
Sarasota Memorial Perioperative Transport Services


We were the surgical / PACU volunteers. A small group of about 45 within the total Sarasota Memorial complement of approximately 850 volunteers. Our group is charged in aiding the surgery department with transporting patients from their room to pre-op and from post-op to their room or discharge. Other routine transport of patients include, runs to the breast center, nuclear medicine, emergency room and ICU. We run errands at the discretion of the surgical desk to the blood bank, lab, central supply and other departments as needed.

The PACU volunteers maintained this page, their own website, created and coded by Sandy Estabrook. Amongst other info pertinent to the PACU department, It included a link to the all SMH Auxiliary Volunteer Newsletter the "Volunteer Link". He also wrote over a hundred biographical sketches of volunteers and staff for the "Volunteer Link" as our PACU Volunteer chair persons were its editors.

Spring 2013 just prior to the opening of the new hospital tower saw, a "disturbance in the force." Supposedly, to accommodate the new building, changes had to be made resulting in the abrupt termination of the PACU's volunteer department chairs. No "satisfactory" reason was ever given. No matter they had 15+ years of volunteer of PACU service and were the editors of the Volunteer Link. As a result of the aforementioned, a third of the PACU volunteers, mostly from Monday and Thursday shifts, resigned from SMH.

The technical aspects of the PACU voslunteer website, with the cooperation of it's departing webmaster (me), aided in its transfer to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital's IT department. This also included the domaine name SMHAUX which was planned for the full Auxiliary at some point in the near future.

This writer would sum up by saying "Not once in my 16 years did we ever see the Staff Director of Volunteer Services presence on our floor. And as you might guess there was no shortage of back stabbing by other volunteers, especially those to gain by our leading couple's departure. As having always been a boss, I experienced for the first time, life in a large corporation.

This page as shown below is that last update which remains archived (a/o May 2013).

UPDATE: As of 2017, the Sarasota Memorial's Auxiliary Inc. has been terminated as such. The Staff Director of Volunteer Services was replaced or retired. The Annual banquet at Michael's on East has been discontinued, the token gift card from Publix, no more. The PACU volunteers "on call room" is now the size of a large closet. The feeling of community and cohesiveness amongst the volunteers is no longer what it once was.

I've been back so I've seen these things and I've been in contact with a couple volunteers.

Why the dissolution of the Auxiliary, the reason seems obvious. Any semblance of community or congregation amongst the volunteers poses a threat worse than a labor union. Thirteen volunteers walked of their job in one department because they could do so without consequence. Staff doesn't have that luxury and SMH learned a lesson.

Looking back, speaking for myself, I miss those good old days. Our group got together on a regular basis for "our own" luncheon at the University club. I so much enjoyed the camaraderie with the nurses, doctors and patients. And lastly, I got to know who's who amongst the doctors should I need one. in this regard i still am in touch with a couple well positioned nurses to keep me abreast of things.

Some pictures of the ole gang are at the bottom of the page. They were the good ole days.

Close to a thousand members strong at over
twenty different departments such as,
Discharge Services
Surgical Desk
Perioperative Transport
Waldemere Desk
Institute for Advanced Medicine
Numerous other medical departments.
We can be found working at the:
Main Campus
Waldemere Medical plaza
Clinical Research Center
Gift shop
Healthplex and Walk in Clinics

And we are always in need of volunteers.
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Web page authored and coded by Sandy Estabrook (16 years - 7,000 hour volunteer).